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Initially planned to watch Terminator with my students but then the TIME factor does not fit in.
I am not in a holiday while as you all know it was school holidays.
They were not able to stay out late and well...quite down for not being able to go with them.
SoOoO..I went with my bro to PAVILION to catch the latest TERMINATOR SALVATION.

School holidays = Free Time = A lot of People = Cinema Pack
That was supposingly the scenario which would be going on~
But to my surprise...Just waited for a minute and it was already my turn to purchase my tickets.
so many great seats still available.
No idea whats going on....But if you asked me why of all the cinema in KL...PAV?
For me, I felt that PAV GSC have a far much better sound system and the seats are far much more spacious...So COMFORTABLE and RELAXING...
These 2 factors are totally important if you were supposed to catch a great movie which you would want to enjoy to the FULLEST in a cinema.

But of course...before I head to the cinema on that day, I was in great hunger...As usual..
Went around and saw Sakae Sushi.

Ordered Super Value Set Lunch which consists of :

Teriyaki Chicken Don

and green tea.
It costs RM12.9* only.
For me was worth it...Japanese food with this price and a great taste were just superb.
I would recommand Teriyaki Chicken Don for you to try it on.

Then just ordered some sushi :
As usual - Tuna Mayo Gunkan

and Triple Cheese Soft Shell Crab Maki.

The "Triple Cheese Soft Shell Crab Maki" was absolutely good.
The sauce was great, crab was cruchy, the cheese.....just one word...Delicious.

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Prodigious Fox
When you heard the word Seafood "Makanan Laut" in a restaurant, and if that is their speciality,
you would of course try them out.
My family and I went to this Restaurant called Restoran Makanan Laut Chong Fatt Sdn. Bhd. for dinner. The moment we took our seats, we asked what are their signature dishes.
What that were told by the waitress taking our order were the types of expensives seafood they served here rather than their signature dishes and best cooking methods.
Not all expensive food are good...that is the term which everyone will learn soon or later in their life.Without any good recommendation yet, we tried out some simple food :

Shark fin soup (RM18.80* ea)

Roasted Crispy Chicken (RM23* half)

X.O Sauce Pork Ribs with Salad (RM20*)

Ostrich (RM15*) <--Forgot whats the full name(But something with Pickles)

Assorted Vegetable with almond [Lotus Fruit] (RM15*)

Some free Fruits.

Overall the food is great.
But recommended for you to try "X.O Sauce Pork Ribs with Salad".
For "Roasted Crispy Chicken", the skin is not as crispy as I thought it would be. But if you wan fresh, juicy and tender chicken, this could be the one.
I would try out the seafood next time.

Address :

No. 18&20, Jalan 2/50C,
Taman Setapak Indah Jaya
Off Jalan Genting Klang,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-4023 1088/ 4023 1077

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