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After going to the Kuala Selangor town area, we came across a spot where they sell very cheap coconut.
How cheap? Cheap is one thing, how about its taste? Sweet & aromatic or tasteless?

See the total of coconuts they sell a day.

Those in the blue dustbins showed the amount of coconuts that they had already sold for the noon.

Coconut is nice to drink and refreshing.
But for us to open even one of them might take hours.
This man is a pro when it comes to coconut.
He took less then 6 seconds to open 1.

Their small stall selling coconut is located beside a road, somewhere near the town of Kuala Selangor.

So, it is revealed.
Each coconut (not one cup but a whole coconut) costs only RM1.50
Price is cheap
For the taste---> Absolutely refreshing.
As you know, when we usually buy from those stalls, they usually add in sugar to make it sweet or else, they just tasted like plain water.
But for this Pandan Wangi Coconut, even without sugar added, they tasted so sweet and aromatic.

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Prodigious Fox
After lunch, we went to the town in Kuala Selangor and saw "Kedai Kopi 168 Kopitiam".

They sell all kinds of crackers and what are they famous for?
It is their "Heong Piah" ( A kind of puff pastry with melted sugar in it and topped with sesame).

Their Heong Piah are freshly made and hot from the oven.
Absolutely good. These are delicious especially when they are still hot.
The Heong Piah nowadays are usually ready packed and only a few places made them on the spot.

The freshly made Heong Piah that were packed.

Besides that, they also sell alot of other biscuits, crackers and pastries.
The price is reasonable as well. If anyone by any chance drop by Kuala Selangor, make sure you stop by here a moment.

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Prodigious Fox
Today, woke up early and headed to Kuala Selangor for some fresh seafood.
This restaurant is called "Restoran Kuala Selangor" and the dishes they prepared there are fresh catch from the nearby shore.
I really meant it when I said fresh.

Wow, look at the crabs, sea shells and prawns.

Dunno what kind of fish they are rearing. So big!!!
Well fed. XD

Some of the shots of how this restaurant looks like.
This place is so breezy.
I felt totally relaxed here with the cool breeze that keep blowing from the shore.

Their refreshing coconut.

Ordered the "Sweet and Sour Crab". Totally fresh.
The sweetness of the crab meat could still be tasted. Tasty.

A "Sweet and Sour Crab" is no good without the "Fried Dumplings".
Dipped them into the gravy of the crab dish before indulging them.

"Fried Belacan Kang Kung"

Oh yeah, I love this dish. A very unique and heavenly dish.
Yet again it was fresh.
Yup, we all love fresh, delicious and unique dishes.
This is called the "Mongolian Deep Fried Prawns".
They prepared their special gravy and spread on top of the deep fried prawns.

"Kam Heong Cockles". It was not bad.
My dad loves cockle very much and he was looking foward to come here to take their signature dish which consisted of cockles spread with their own special sauce on a hot plate.
However, he ran out of luck as their special sauce was finished for the day.
Well, there is always a next day.

The "Sweet and Sour Steam Fish".
This is one of their signature dish as well.
The fish's gravy was luscious and really helped to spike up your appetite.
Totally goes well with rice. This is a dish that you wouldn't want to miss out.

After finishing our lunch, we saw a boat approaching their restaurant.
They were actually supplying the fresh catch they caught from the sea. wonder the seafood here is so fresh.

Well, some of you must be wondering where is this place. The address is shown below.

Restoran Kuala Selangor,
1A, Jalan Bagan Sungai Yu,
Pasir Penambang,45000 Kuala Selangor,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Telephone: 03-32896719 or 03-32811722
H/P: 012-2316887 or 019-2639123

A totally great place to hang out and escape from the hustle bustle of the city.

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Prodigious Fox
Well, well, well..... Even though we just ate finished at Madam Lim's Kitchen Restaurant, we were still hunting for food.
For those who know me, I eat like a "Pirana".
Always hunting for food 24/7.
Even sleep also dream of food. Hahahaha!!!
So we went to Wendy's Burger to buy Wendy's Pack 1 (a promotional set) that costs RM6.99.

"Chicken Nuggets"

Freshly made and delicious. you know, on Friday, they have an offer which we could purchase their Frosty for 50% off with any purchase. So, we bought 2 cups of frosty as well.

My brother bought a "Twisted Oreo Frosty"

I got myself a "Frosty Shake Chocolate Fudge".
Smooth and chocolaty. I loved it.

Burgh!!! So full~~

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Prodigious Fox
Want to try a mixture of delicious and excellent cuisine?
Why not "Chinese, Nyonya and Thai Fusion Cuisine".
"Madam Lim's Kitchen Restaurant" is one of the restaurant where serves delicious cuisines.
Yesterday, my parents and I decided to try out this restaurant as we saw it was packed with people.
In addition, they were having a promotion.

This outlet is located in AEON AU2 Setiawangsa.

A random shot of the restaurant.

Orange juice (Jumbo size)
This orange juice was fresh, concentrated and totally worth it.

This Tom Yum was excellent.
Packed with varieties of spices and seafood.
This is called "Madam Lim's Tom Yum Seafood", one of their signature dish.
This soup is concentrated and goes well with rice.
It contained prawns, fishes, squids and la la.
Not too spicy and not too oily.
A perfectly prepared Tom Yum that I had ever tried.

"Char Kuay Teow"
Looks simple but yet irresistible.
For char kuay teow lovers, you should come here and try this out.

"Kong Pao Chicken"

"Malacca Char Mee"
This is magnificent and fantastic.
My dad loved it and wanted to make a second order.
This plate of noodle was finished quickly as most of us wanted to have a share of it.

"Siam Style Fried Rice"

Another random shot of the restaurant.

OMG! Finally managed to finish all of the dishes.
Full and satisfied with their quick and great service.
We might drop by there again to have a try on their other dishes. Yummy.

Address :
Lot G42 Ground Floor,
No. 6, Jalan Taman Setiawangsa,
AU2, Bandar Baru Ampang,
Mukim Ulu Kelang,
Kuala Lumpur.

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