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Finally felt much better after a night sleep.
Ate some spaghetti in the afternoon and later on went to the newly opened Pappa Rich to have tea break.
It was quite packed with people trying out their food as they just opened a few days ago.
And of course all their staffs, waiters and waitresses were all running up and down taking orders and serving out food.

Hmm...I wonder ...Pappa Rich... maybe I should open 1 cafe as well named Mama Poor.

Pappa Rich entrance.

Some shots of how this cafe looks like.

Well, it is quite common to see these nowadays in a lot of restaurants and cafes.
Just press them and their waiters or waitresses would attend to our table in just split second.
We no longer need to grasp their attention in order for us to take some orders or to pay our bills. Totally a more convenient way without any trouble.

Since my family and I already had our lunch, we just ordered some snacks, food, drinks and desserts just to satisfy our curiosity.

"Papparich Bun".
It is like RotiBoy if some of you should know.
Or Mexico Bun...
Bun with coffee flavor together with butter in it.
Fresh from the oven and it is rich with coffee flavor.
Totally into it for coffee lover.

You can see the butter in it.
Crispy on the outside, soft in the inside.
But just a bit more pricey compared to other places.

I don't really like milk but this bread is absolutely fabulous.
A must try even though this is not their signature bread.
It is called "Roti Bakar Susu".

"Pappa Nasi Lemak" is one of their signature dish.
The rice was so aromatic.
The curry chicken was just alright while the sambal was not really that spicy.
Maybe, I am just so use to spicy food.

Oh yes.
I never learn my lesson.
Again another "White Coffee".
Absolutely luscious and aromatic.
Took a sip of it and then took a bite of the "Roti Bakar Susu", it blown me out of this world.
A great combination to enjoy either during breakfast or tea break.

Lastly ordered their signature dessert, "Pappa Cendol".
One spoon into my mouth, the ice and cendol melted instantly.
Smooth and fine.
The "Pappa Cendol" pile of blended ice was just so fine...the cendol was smooth.
The most vital of all, to prepare a great cendol is to have an aromatic drizzle of Gula Melaka to it.
A fantastic dessert for a hot day.

It is a bit pricey but for a food lover like me, as long as it is delicious and tasty, I would always feel that it is worth the price.
Definitely be back to try out their other food and beverages.

Address :
G-27, No. 1,
Jln Rampai Niaga 5,
Rampai Business Park,
Taman Sri Rampai,
53300 Setapak Kuala Lumpur.

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Prodigious Fox
Headache!!! Dizzy!!! Nausea!!!
Totally not in a mood~~
Feel so sick even until now...Gosh!!!

These feelings bring me back some memories of last time when I drank 3 big cups of different types of coffee in a day.
Never thought that I would be facing it again today.
Earlier today, I drank a large cup of white coffee and then later on in the evening just now bought a tall black coffee from Starbuck.
Totally overdose...
What to do, coffee lover like me can't stand it when I see coffee.
Never think of the consequences of drinking them too much.
Right now, still suffering...Don't even feel like eating my dinner..
Feel awful..

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Prodigious Fox
Just now, headed to Sakura Kristal to meet up with my collage mates to settle all the payment on our trip to Redang which is soon.
Dinner and Yam Ca session together in one before they headed to other spot for another continuous chit chat.
So late already so didn't join them for the next area.
Speaking of Sakura Kristal, below is the photo of its entrance.

I apologize for the low quality of the photo as I just used a lousy camera phone to snap it.
What to do, poor people like me having a cheap phone which could never get a good proper shot at night. SADSAD~~ T.T

Initially I ordered Lemon Lime ESPRIT, but then tried it when Shin Ong ordered the same drink. Wai Kit ordered PassionFruit ESPRIT and it tasted better than Lemon Lime in my opinion.

So, I exchanged my Lemon Lime with PassionFruit.

I ordered "Indonesian Fried Rice".
It was not bad as it tasted a bit like belacan fried rice but it was more aromatic.
The fried chicken wing was well marinated and the meat was succulent.
Wondering what cracker is it?
Well they call this "Papadam" and this cracker can be usually found in Mamak stall.

Tze Chen ordered this. Not sure what was the name.
He ordered this with mushroom sauce on it.
It is some sort like grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce served with garlic bread, coleslaw, and frenchfries.

Shin Ong ordered this. Sorry, forgot the above name as well.
But it is a sort of hotdog bun served with frenchfries and coleslaw.

"Chicken Maryland" was ordered by Wai Kit.
Deep fried chicken chop, egg, frenchfries, garlic bread, hotdog and coleslaw.
Seems like a lot right?
Well, you are paying for it.

Overall, I tried their food as well but I personally preferred the Indonesian Fried Rice the best.
The others were ok but pricey.
Great enviroment for teens to hang out have a drink and chit chat.
Well, I might be dropping by there again to have a drink with another group of friends (Secondary school).

Jalan Bandar 11 Taman Melawati , Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: Noon-1am (Mon-Sat); 4pm-12am(Sun)

Phone: 03-4108 5897

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Prodigious Fox
All the teachers gathered in the main teacher room to have a potluck session .

Well what was the purpose?
It was actually to bond relationship among the teachers but of cause...since it was potluck,with a varieties of food, it seemed that eating was more vital for some of them. XD could not be avoided since it was also our break session.

Of course, I had great time getting to know some of my colleagues better, such as Mr. Cher, En. Khairul, Ms Kong and etc. They are great people once you get to know them.

Students and teachers always have a different perspective among one another but once you are in their position, you would eventually understand one another.
This is exactly what happened to me. When I was a student, I always seem to get the wrong idea about certain teachers especially discipline teachers as they were always so angry and strict.
But once I became a teacher myself, I understood the necessity of them doing it.

Towards colleagues they are definitely great and understanding.
However towards students, they are strict.
This is a must as some students are just not co-operative and always giving a whole lot of problems, making our life as teacher like a living hell.
A total attitude problem from certain students.
Anyway, thanks lord I have great colleagues and great students from class 1B, 2D, 2G and 2K.
Well, for 1 of my class which is not stated in the above....that class is like a total chaos with a tremendous amount of discipline problems. ~OMG~

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Prodigious Fox
I found you.
The one and only "Keroro Gunso Version 1.5 + Flying Board".

Oh yeah...bought it from a person through ""
Oh man can't wait to build it, but then..can't seem to find any spare time as I am always so busy going out.
Well, I will find a fine and relaxing day to build it in order for me to enjoy every second of building my Keroro Gunso.

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Prodigious Fox
Well, I apologize for the late update for my blog, since yesterday I am out the whole time until midnight.
What to do, I am a very busy man.
Busy eating and yam ca.
Yesterday, I went to Kepong to try something out.
This restaurant serves varieties of desserts and some fried snacks.
It is "Restaurant The Fruitti Stall Sdn. Bhd." which is located somewhere in Kepong.
They are called "Kei Tak Shek" in Chinese.

As you can see above, this restaurant was packed and crowded with people.
But to my surprised, they served their desserts and snacks in quite a fast pace.
Well, when i said varieties of desserts just now, I really meant a lot of desserts.
Both hot and cold (Blended).

What I had ordered for the hot desserts "Tong Sui" were:

"Green Bean"

"Red Bean"

"Black Glutinous Rice"

Well, out of this 3, I preferred the green bean the most as it tasted really good filled with great fragrance.
And the best part of these desserts was they were not too sweet.
And not too dilute like other stalls which did that on purpose to save some costing.
Well overall, their hot desserts "Tong Sui" were good.

Well, in such a hot weather like this, it is always great to find some cold and refreshing desserts to pump us back to an optimum state.

What is better then some fruits sago ice ?
Restaurant The Fruitti Stall Sdn. Bhd. serves the best "Lo Lo" or "Loh" .
What is it?
It is a mountain of ice that is splashed and coated with fruit flavor syrups together with some sago topped with slices of fruit .

The above is "Ice Fruitti".
This ice blended is not the fruits sago ice but it is like a mountain of ice splashed with some pineapple syrup and topped with a few types of fruits such as mango, kiwi, pineapple, and watermelon together with cubes of grass jelly "Cincau".
This is the best desserts for me as it really spiked up my taste buds and it was refreshing.
Packed with citrus.
Great taste and good for health.
What a great combo which is definitely the best to be taken in such a hot weather.

This is my 2nd favorite choice of desserts.
This is "Honey Dew Loh".
I personally love honey dew.

"Mango Loh"

To get great desserts like these, the ice plays the most crucial part.
For me, finely shredded ice would really produce a better quality of dessert.
The shredded ice is the soul of the fruits sago ice.
Restaurant The Fruitti Stall Sdn. Bhd. manages to prepare such great quality of it.
Truly a pro.

They also have varieties of deep fried snacks.

Look at the variety types of them.
Definitely would not be able to order all of them, just grabbed a few to try them out.

Ordered the "Crab Roll" and "Siew Kow".
The "Crab Roll" is prepared with ham, cheese, crab stick and bread crumbs.
Totally wonderful and delightful.
Of all the deep fried snacks, I love this the most that I ordered 2 of it.
The "Siew Kow" is good as well.
It tasted like luncheon meat with salted egg yolk.

See the melted cheese?

"Fish Fillet"
"Crabs shell".
I am not really sure what the filling is but these crabs shells tasted really good.
A must try as well.

Well, overall it was a great dining experience but the price was a little bit pricey.
However, these great desserts and snacks really gave me a great satisfaction.
Great satisfaction of eating scrumptious food would always outweigh the price.
That is my thought. XD

Restaurant The Fruitti Stall Sdn. Bhd.
No.66, Jalan 7,
Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.

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Prodigious Fox
Today is a rather tiring day in school.
Tiring ---> refer to sleepy.
I had to stay in a class to keep an eye on the students while they were doing their examination.
OMG...For 2 Hours... Nothing to do in the class but just see left and right, front, looked at my pens (Blue and Red), Marker Pen and Mechanical Pencil...Haiz...I am now describing them one by one, totally proved that I am bored.

Not long after that, the sun shone through the class door onto my table where I am actually sitting.
Feeling warm and bored, I was leaded to a sleepy state.

Does anyone of you know what is the worse part when someone is tired?
1)Lets say, you are tired, you just take a 5 minutes nap, even it is short but you will still feel refreshed.
2)If you are tired and sleepy, but you can't sleep as you have some work to do, you tend to put a lot....A LOTTT!!! of effort trying to keep yourself awake...and this will cause you to feel even worse (VERY TIRED---> Stress Out) after that period.

Hahaha...Anyway, after that, i headed for my dinner with my family.
Then, headed to A&W to have a large cool and refreshing ROOTBEER.

I love ROOTBEER very much ever since I am young.
Rootbeer is absolutely my type of beer. XD

Oh ya, not to forget, I saw this boy(A good and honest Malay boy) whom I teach in class 2H in A&W as well.
This would be our second time meeting each other outside the school compound by luck.
The first was in Nandos during Sita and Karu B'Day.
He really respects teachers very much and pay attention on his lessons.
Both times, he came and greeted me by my shaking hands.
I didn't even realized that he was in A&W and Nandos but when he saw me from a far, he came and greeted me.
In such a modern time, you can seldom see these happening.
Absolutely a fine boy with great values.
I would really credit him for that.
Keep up the good work.

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Prodigious Fox
Well, remember that I would introduce another pork noodle stall?

Yup, this is the one that I had be mentioning in the previous post.
It is a stall "PORK NOODLE"(Open from Morning to Noon ONLY) in this restaurant called "Thiam Hua" .
The method of preparing this pork noodle is different from the previous.
This stall, I usually ordered the dry pork noodle.
It is famous for its dry "Hor Fan".

However, I myself ordered yellow noodles for today. XD
(For pork lovers, it is advisable to add in additional pork chunk to give it a better taste)

It is also served with soup and pork meat cubes.
Well, this pork noodle is a total ~PoRkLiCiOuS~
They used pork oil to prepare it, served with pork chunks and pork intestine (for those who do not like pork intestine, you can actually ask him to exchange for more pork chunk), and soup boiled with pork meat and served together with pork meat cubes.
Everything goes with PORK.

The noodle after mixing it.

For those who are interested to try it out, you should try their Dry or Soup Hor Fan Pork Noodle.
Remember, these stalls only open from Morning to Noon ONLY.
At Nite, it would be a restaurant serving different dishes.

Jln 45/26,
Taman Sri Rampai,
53000 Kuala Lumpur,
Kuala Lumpur

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Prodigious Fox
Yeah, finally managed to grab some heavenly sushi in Sushi King.
Today was the last day for the promotion of RM2 per plate for certain (mostly) sushi.
After work, I directly head to the LRT to fetch Wai Kit and from there we directly headed to a nearest Sushi King.

Reached there and we saw a long queue. OMG, got to wait.
Later on, Shin Ong reached and joined us by waiting in the long queue as well.

There was a moment where the waitress asked the 3 of us to share table with others as they were packed.
Well, we preferred P&C . (Private and Confidential). Hahaha..
So we needed to wait a little longer for it.

Oh well, our turn had finally arrived.
So took a few sushi and chat about what was going on lately.
Then, we went to some discussion regarding the Redang Trip that we are planning to have.

The sushi conveyor belt.

Some of the Sushi which we ate.

After eating 8 plates for myself, and for Wai Kit 11 plates, Shin Ong 8 plates as well, we continued on with out Redang discussions.

However, we saw a lot of people queuing up to dine in Sushi King.
We felt bad for them, so we paid our bill and headed to Old Town to have a further discussion on out trip.

Ordered my favorite "Gao".

Chat until 10pm and it was time for us to leave.

The plan for the trip had been decided.
Well, hope everything will goes smoothly for the trip ( example..nobody FFK or the ticket of the bus and the hotel reservation is still available)...

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