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12/5/09 ~ 14/5/09
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Prodigious Fox
Another day passed, wandering around the whole area don't know what to do.
Went to Mdm Lim at AEON AU2 for lunch and after that, as I was strolling around before going into Jusco, I saw some activities that were going on inside Starbucks.
When I went near it, one of their barista approached me asking am I interested to join Checkers game.
Suddenly, I gone blur....out of the blues, Checkers??
So long didn't even lay a finger tip on my checker set which I had kept in my drawers since Standard 6.
By my guess, it should already be coated with dozen layers of dust.

So I said why not. Checkers...well just for the fun out of it.
Since I had nothing to do either.

Free beverages were served too.
~~Yeah baby!!~~

Just for the fun joining that event, I managed to get top 4.
What a LUCK... Sadly lose to a Starbuck's barista.
Anyway, losing or winning doesn't make a different.
Firstly, we joined this activity for FREE!!!
And even if we lose, we might get some great GOODIE BAGS!!!
For top 4, besides GOODIE BAGS, we get some extra PRIZES.

Look at all the Goodie Bags and Prizes...So tempting...

That were the FUN part if joining that event.
What I got???

Free, Fun and Prizes ---> What is better than that. So many gits I got. YAHOOOOOO!!!!! XD
Wow, now I had a pack of Coffee Beans....So AROMATIC...How I know??
I put the bag of prizes and goodie bag into the car while going for some refreshing cendol in another area.
The moment I stepped back into the car , the car was filled with the aromatic coffee smell. The source was of course from the bag of coffee beans.
~Such Heavenly~

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Prodigious Fox
Afternoon meal : Vegetarian (Hawker Stall)
Dinner meal : Vegetarian (Restaurant)
Whole day also vegetarian.
The Different? ---> Price and Quality and Quantity
So obvious of course for the restaurant, the price would be more and the quantity, well would be less. For the's better.

Initially dinner was hunting for Noodles.....but then ended up in "Guan Fatt Vegetarian Restaurant" located in Setapak.

The moment I went in, there was only 2 people dining.
But soon, when the dinner timing arrived, 3/4 of the restaurant is being occupied.
My family and I ordered a set for 4 person, consisting of :
1) Beancurd
2) Meat
3) Fish
4) Vegetable
5) Soup
6) Fruit
7) Rice
Well, even though it was stated meat...what you expect from this restaurant is only vegetarian.
So, the meat ---> Flour.
Dishes (1) to (5) are based on a menu and we could choose from a variety choices.

1. Beancurd with Black Beans

2. Rendang Chicken

3. Deep Fried Fish with Thai Sauce
4. Bean Sprout with Salt Fish

5. Radish Soup

6. Papaya

From the above, the food that I would really recommend you to try them out are "Beancurd with Black Beans" and "Rendang Chicken".
Others were average.
I still haven't tried out many of their dishes...the time shall come soon.
However, just one thing, which is the service there is a bit slow.
They should really try to speed up on their service to improve customers' satisfaction.

Address :

126-05, Sri Pelangi Shop,
Jalan Genting Klang,
Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03-40231823

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