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There are many luscious and ambrosial delicacies around us with a price lower than we expected.

Why do we need to crack our head thinking about the suitable places for us to have our decent meals ?

I myself am a crazy food lover, always on the hunt for special, great and scrumptious meals.
That's why I do understand the itch that we food lovers had, trying out some irresistible delicacies.
The unexplainable jubilation that we got by just trying out something new.
The adrenaline rush we faced when we saw some appetizing meals.
Food lovers, here is the right place.

Sharing is Caring.

For Food lovers :

Cafes :

* Pappa Rich @ Taman Sri Rampai

* Island Red Cafe

Seafood :

* Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant @ Port Klang

* Restoran Kuala Selangor

Chicken, Char Siew and Siew York Rice :

* Roasted Pork & Chicken Rice @ Danau Kota

Chinese and Fusion :

Restoran Makanan Laut Lau Heong @ Bandar Baru Sentul

* Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant

* Madam Lim's Kitchen Restaurant 1

* Madam Lim's Kitchen Restaurant 2

* Restoran Yuen Buffet Steamboat

* Heong Piah

* Snowy Dessert Home

Western (Italian, French, etc) and Fusion:

* Sakura Kristal @ Taman Melawati

* Four Happy Seasons Restaurant (Spring)

* Four Happy Seasons Restaurant (Winter)

* Subway Italian BMT sandwiches

* Wendy's Burger and Frosty

* Prosperity Burger

* The auspicious Golden Fortune Cheesy Brown Pizza

Japanese :

* Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant @ Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang

* Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Thai :

* "Flying Chillies" Thai restaurant

Noodles :

* Pork Noodle 1

* Pork Noodle 2

Drinks :

* Restaurant The Fruitti Stall Sdn. Bhd. @ Kepong

* StarBucks' Java Chip Frappucino

* Pandan Wangi Coconut

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