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Welcome To the YEAR of @)!) --->2010
The date is stating 01/01/10
That's rite.
What do i hoped to achieve in this year ?
Plenty of stuffs, but whether or not is it possible to reach them?
There is always these ups and downs during my life in my uni.
Exactly like the condition of 0 and 1. I rather not mention about it.

Well how did i celebrated my new year?
Let you guess...:
(a) Went to Bukit Bintang with some friends to hangout.
(b) Scream and Going Crazy in my own bedroom.
(c) Went to Mamak Stall.
(d) Went to Genting Highland with my family.
(e) Watch kbs live for KBS Drama Award.

3..2..1..: The answer is---> (e)
Lol...As expected Lee Byung Heon managed to get the Daesang Award which is the Best Award.
The other IRIS main cast also were awarded with a few other awards... IRIS totally rocks the hall of fame in KBS Drama Award for the year 2009.
Congratulation Tae Won.

Well, a great news to lighten up some IRIS fans out there.
There is rumour about IRIS season 2 sneak preview coming out somewhere during the first week of January 2010.
Is it true? Clueless...Well this is just a rumour, but there is no harm in checking out right?
Fans...if you guys have any reliable resources about IRIS please comment in this post yeah!!!

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