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Celebration of Christmas is rising to the peak soon...25th Dec
All the years we had celebrated Christmas but this year I find it quite fascinating that almost each shopping complexes had a lot of decorations. Unlike the usual decorations which only consists of Christmas Trees but this year different complexes decorated their complexes in their own unique ways which also enable us as a visitor or customer in that complex to take a few shots of ourselves or with our family with the decorations around it.
What a fantastic way to pull up the end year sales in each complex.
But well, they really did pour in a whole lot of effort to live up the place with more customers and visitors.
Even though our country are facing some economics up and down, we could still see people roaming around these complexes nowadays, filling the emptiness before this.
Even though mostly of them just went there to snap some photos or do some window shopping, they are still definitely a potential customer that might just drop by any of the shop to get some items that might just attract them during this happy festive season.

Before signing off in this post,
Wishing here all of you
A Happy Merry Christmas &
A Happy New Year.

Some photos around Kuala Lumpur during this Christmas :
Times Square :

Pavilion :

Mid Valley :

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