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To whoever who watched this drama,
I know those who are watching halfway find it the BEST!!!..
Well..I totally agreed, thumbs up.
The climax, the action, romance...totally make us wanting more of those and felt like watching the next episode immediately.
For me personally, i felt that it is far much better than Prison Break.
For those who already watched the Final episode,
I share your feeling.
Felt like going all the way to South Korea to ask the director personally why did he killed the main character (Kim Hyun Jun) off.
Just like Prison Break, the main character was killed at the end...but at least he died honourably unlike the main character in IRIS.
This drama has the best option to end the first season good, but they just shook all of us and push us off the cliff by killing off the main character unnecessary.
Want to know how he died? Simply snipped and shot by a sniper.

But a lot speculations are roaming in the net whether or not the main character is really dead since the camera man only shot the scene where he bleed from his head and he slowly faded off by closing his eyes.
If he is really dead by a head shot, it would be instant dead unlike the way where he slowly fade to his death.
And this stories is still far from end...since :
* What is IRIS is still yet to uncover.
* Who is Mr Black the head of IRIS.
* What is Choi Seung Hee relation to IRIS head.
* What happened to Baek San.
There are still a lot of unanswered questions.
Will we still able to see Lee Byung Hun to continue his role as Kim Hyun Jun in season 2?

Wait up for their sneak peek on the first week of January 2010.

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2 Responses
  1. Sin Tai Lim Says:

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

  2. Anonymous Says:

    From what I heard, we won't be able to see Lee Byung Hun in season 2 because he is busy with G.I.Joe 2. By I still hope Kim Hyun Jin isn't dead (seriously the end sucks and has no interest). Maybe he is in the coma or something like that (and wow season 3 he wakes up and has no memories... XD)