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Nowadays camera everyone also can buy. Are they truly camera lovers?
It's just like a hobby but whether or not one really know how to take a great photo is totally a different side of a story.

That's why photography industry in Malaysia is totally ruined by people thinking that any snap of a photo which even include themselves can be called a photo.
If the camera only purpose is to snap candid or usual photo which we would usually see them uploaded in Facebook or Friendster, my advice would be the usual compact camera, unless one really got a whole lot of money to throw or distribute around.

For a DSLR camera, one need to know it's all about the flexibility and enjoyment of using manual setting rather than auto since it is meaningless to use auto in DSLR. Great photo with a mood that you would wanted to present in a photo can't be produced by auto setting.
Auto setting can even sometime ruin the result of a photo causing the photo to look either to dark or to bright or in another word, bad quality photo (which sometimes you feel like tearing the photos into tiny pieces).
But whatever it is, the most important is how the way one snap a photo by using a right lens, aperture, and shutter speed.
And most of all is the angle where we snap it, could also give others a chance to feel the mood that we wanted them to visualize when viewing our photo.

By the way, in my opinion Nikon would be my option since it gives a better quality photo in many ways and is usable in different weather. Usually a beginner DSLR camera that is common nowadays with the low price start from 1.8K unless one is prepared to get the old model (very old) or with a lower megapixel (nowadays at least 10mp is needed) or second hand, than one might get below 1.8K.
If a beginner really want to go after a cheap DSLR, I would really suggest they go after Canon 1000D or Nikon D3000.

Prices in all shop-lots are following the prices of the dealers which are usually RM400 more expensive. So either you need to know someone selling these cameras or you really need to bargain with the seller.
For Canon 1000D with lens included the price in the market is RM2.2k approx.
For Nikon D3000 with lens included the price in the market is RM 2.3k approx.
If you manage to bargain, you would also be able to get one of them with lens included for only approx RM1.8K (usually RM 1.8K is only the body of the camera in normal pricing).

Lets decide. =D

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